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Testimonials from Our Users

PouchPass is a fuss free product that's easy to set up and wear!
I purchased this to monitor my grandma's temperature as she was running fevers due to an infection. Highly recommended!

Lin (Singapore)

I see potential in this product especially when there is the need to monitor health status of cohorts and avoid potential cross contamination before they can even take place. The question is how to reduce cost so that it can be easily implemented on large scale

J (Trainer)

I used it on my 3-year old when she had a slight fever. I was quite happy with the hour-by-hour temperature monitoring all night.

Naomi J., Family Health User

It gives peace of mind knowing my temperature is normal and should there be a spike, will advise me quickly which allows time to seek medical attention. Knowing this, gives me the trust as a Distributor, to be able to convey to others the products value

Charles Rapaport, Managing Director of Nanotag

In the COVID-19 pandemic, it's important for us to constantly ensure that we are healthy and rather than to carry a thermometer and use it to monitor our temperature, PouchPASS has given me the convenience of wearing it on my wrist and ease of monitoring thru the internet or app. In a work environment, it's a way for the HR to ensure the workers' health before they come to work

A (Army Officer)

Used my PouchBAND and app to monitor my high fever when I had COVID-19. It makes it easier for my family to monitor my temperature without having to go inside my room.

Regie H., Individual Health User

I’ve just received my PouchPASS, and these are my first impressions. It works as advertised and connecting to Bluetooth was a breeze. I can see the accurate readings on my iPhone, too. “Accurate” because I’ve just compared the reading with that of a conventional thermometer, and I see the numbers are identical. I’m impressed. Kudos also to PouchPASS for delivering on schedule. Not many vendors on this site stick to their schedules. So happy I bought this.

Samuel Asare, Japan

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PouchPASS Wristband is a simple and accurate tool to measure your body temperature. No charging required!

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PouchPASS Features

Always-on: PouchPASS gives you continuous measurement
throughout the day, allowing you to identify health issues
and act faster.

Precise: PouchPASS uses a clinical grade temperature sensor
with up to ± 0.1 °C/°F measurement accuracy.

No Charging Required: PouchPASS comes with a CR2032
battery that can last up to three (3) months. The battery is easy
to replace.

PouchPASS Mobile App

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Your temperature monitoring, always on!

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Your thermometer anywhere you go and more!

Monitor your loved ones.

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